E-filing a Complaint and Summons

Last Updated December 18, 2021

How to e-file a Verified Complaint and Tenant Summons on New Jersey’s Judiciary Electronic Document Submissions (JEDS) portal.

In an eviction suit, a Verified Complaint and Tenant Summons can be filed electronically via New Jersey’s Judiciary Electronic Submissions portal, known as JEDS.

Once you have drafted the Verified Complaint and Tenant Summons using the FileEvictions software, download the PDF of each file separately. Now, you’re ready to get started.
Access the site by visiting, from a desktop or a laptop. At this time, JEDS is not compatible with mobile devices or tablets.
If you have already created an account, click “Login.” Otherwise, select "Register Now." A step-by-step guide on registering your account can be found on our website here.
Enter your User ID and Password, then click “Login.”
From the dashboard, click “Judiciary Electronic Document Submission.”
Click "Create a Filing" and select "Superior Court" to initiate a tenant eviction.
Under Filing Details, you’ll have four sections. In the first box, select “Special Civil Part” for Court. In Docket Type, select "Suing for eviction of tenant." You'll then be required to select a Venue. This is the county in which the rental property is located. Last, select "Case Initiation" for Filing Category.
Below, you’ll select the reason for the filing. Click “Complaint.” There is a $57.00 court filing fee for this action. This amount includes the mileage fee. Scroll to the bottom and click “Next.”
In this section, enter the number of tenants residing at the property, over the age of eighteen (18). They will be named as a defendant in the suit. The court will impose a fee for each additional tenant after the first defendant.
Now, you can upload your pleadings. Attach the Verified Complaint to the “Complaint” and the Tenant Summons to the “Tenancy summons and return of service.” Last, attach the LCIS to "Landlord Case Information Statement." JEDS will accept the following document formats: .pdf, .docx and .jpg.
Once you have attached your pleadings and documents, you will have the opportunity to “Add optional documents” under Other Documents. This is not required. However, if you used our software to draft the pleadings for this eviction, you can upload the Cover Letter here, and any other documents you feel are necessary.
You will be required to file a Certification of Lease and Registration Statement, along with a copy of your lease and registration statement, if applicable. You have the option of uploading those documents here now or you may come back to JEDS and file those documents later, once you receive your case number. Check out our next video for a step-by-step guide.
Review the requirements and check the box to confirm you have complied with them. Click “Next.”
Take a moment to carefully review all of the information you have provided. If no changes need to be made, click “Submit.”
On the following screen, submit your payment information to finalize the filing, then you’ll be all set.

Keep an eye out for an email and/or notice from the court. They’ll be providing you with your case number and instructions for your next steps. In a few days, we’ll follow up with you to add this information to your case file. This will help keep track of your case. For any questions pertaining to your proceeding, contact the court or seek legal counsel.