Upcoming Features

Although our beta trial provides you with everything you’ll need to file an eviction, we are working toward making filing evictions faster, easier, and better than ever. These functionalities and tools are coming soon. 



Currently, our software only supports evictions due to non-payment of rent. In a few months, we will support other grounds for eviction, including habitual late payments, lease violations, disorderly conduct, property damage, and more.


On the date of court, there are a few possible ways your case may turn out. We’ve got you covered if the outcome of the hearing is any of the following: Default Judgment, Judgment for Possession, Consent to Enter Judgment (Vacate/Stay). 

When we bring attorneys on board, they’ll be able to help you if Bankruptcy is an issue in the suit, and/or if a Marini Hearing has been scheduled.



We are excited to announce that in the near future, we’ll have attorneys available to help you with your case. If you initiate an eviction suit on your own and things get a little complicated, they’ll be able to help, or they can be there for you from the very beginning. There are a few other instances when having an attorney will be helpful and/or required when using our software:


Tenant is a member of the U.S. Armed Forces

You have acquired ownership to the property of the tenants.

You have provided the tenant the option to purchase the property.


The terms of the lease were agreed to orally.

Either party files an appeal to contest the ruling on the case.

Tenant requests a Hardship Stay, Stay for Terminal Illness, or submits an Application for Orderly Removal or Order to Show Cause.

The matter is the subject of another court action or arbitration.


Calendar, Reports and More.

Learn about just a few of the many tools FileEvictions will be developing for your dashboard.


View all of your hearings, scheduled reminders, and tasks all in one place. When you have a lot of pending cases, events and deadlines can be missed. Our calendar will help keep you on track and organized.


The dashboard and each case file will alert you of tasks. The task page will give you a view of all of your tasks for all of your cases, without needing to open each individual case file.


Whether you are a property manager or an individual landlord, our reports will give you a plethora of information pertaining to all of your eviction suits. View how much you are collecting vs. spending on a monthly basis, how many evictions you’ve filed, the resolution rate, and so much more.

Courtesy Letters

Although in New Jersey you are not required to send out a notice to a tenant that has failed to pay rent before initiating an eviction proceeding, sometimes sending them a letter, reminding them their payment is past due, can go a long way. You may find that you receive the rent payment before you are forced to file an eviction.