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We make it easy. FileEvictions gives you all the tools you’ll need for evictions due to non-payment of rent, from filing to tenant removal. Manage your cases all in one place. 

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Overwhelmed by the cost and time of evicting tenants? We are kicking off our software exclusively for non-payment of rent and landlords confident to proceed without an attorney. This is our launching pad to a full-fledged dashboard with a ton of exciting features, attorneys, and more. 

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6 Reasons to Choose FileEvictions.

FileEvictions was founded by a seasoned team of real estate professionals and local attorneys experienced in managing and navigating the complex process of evictions. 

State Specific

All of our forms and procedures have been reviewed by legal experts and are in compliance with New Jersey's eviction laws.

Fast & Easy

Our simple process guides you through evictions, saves you time and eliminates common errors often the cause for delays.


Between loss of rent and property damage, legal fees for an eviction can exasperate the financial burden. We minimize the costs.


Draft pleadings in minutes with confidence. Save, edit, sign, and print your documents. We've made it easy for you.


We provide you with the information you'll need to ensure your pleadings and filing meet the requirements.


Keep cases and properties all in one place, organized, and easily accessible with our dashboard. Never miss a step.

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How it Works.


Simple registration. Provide your email address and create a password to gain access to your personalized account.

Start Eviction

Complete clear and concise forms in minutes. Our tailored questions help you create documents needed to file an eviction. 

Manage Cases

From your dashboard, keep track of your cases, and follow prompts for each step in your case, from start to finish.

non-payment of rent

Available Documents.

Everything you need for an eviction when your tenant has not paid rent as agreed.

Case File

Access case information, supporting documents and pleadings all in one place, with a few clicks. While here, view alerts for the next steps to take in the process. 


Easily view pleadings you have drafted or are still in progress. With the option to save and edit, you can come back any time to complete your form or make changes to it.

Simple Forms

We uncomplicate a complicated process. Our forms are designed with you in mind. With questions tailored to your situation, you can complete our forms within minutes.


The short answer is: Yes. Self-help evictions, not to be confused with Self-Representation, are illegal, even if justified. Landlords are required, by law, to follow a certain process in order to remove tenants from the property. Changing the locks, removing tenants’ personal belongings from the property, and shutting off utilities, are just a few examples of what NOT to do. A tenant can only be evicted by a special court officer with a Warrant for Removal issued by a court clerk, after an order has been entered with the court.

Unless you, the landlord or property manager, are an LLC or Corporation, you have the right to represent yourself. In doing so, you would be appearing “Pro Se.” You may complete and file the required forms, go through the legal process, and appear in court without an attorney. However, before you take that first step, make sure you fully understand the eviction process. One slip-up could cost you additional time and money.

A tenant may have several defenses in court. As the landlord or property manager, you want to make sure you are doing everything you are required to do under the law in order to successfully evict the tenant. A few common defenses that hold up in court are: failing to follow through each required step in the eviction process, not having a cause for eviction, refusing to provide the tenant with a home that is both safe and decent.

Attorney fees can range between five hundred and several thousands of dollars, depending on the complexity of your case. With FileEvictions, for a limited time, you can draft all of the documents needed in an eviction suit and manage your case, at no cost.

In New Jersey, an eviction process, from start to finish, can range between six weeks and six months, if not longer. Guiding you through your eviction, we eliminate common errors that are often the cause for delays.

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Very soon you will be able to use FileEvictions to manage your entire evictions process, from filing the Verified Complaint, all the way through requesting a Warrant of Removal. In the meantime, try out our Delinquent Notice feature.

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