E-filing the Certification of Lease and Registration Statement

Last Updated December 18, 2021

How to e-file the Certification of Lease and Registration Statement on New Jersey’s Judiciary Electronic Document Submissions (JEDS) portal.

As of September 2021, it’s required that a Certification of Lease and Registration Statement be filed with the court no later than five (5) days prior to the Case Management Conference. This can be accomplished electronically via New Jersey’s Judiciary Electronic Submissions portal (JEDS).

Make sure the Certification of Lease and Registration Statement is prepared and available for filing. If you used FileEvictions to draft your initial pleadings, this document may be ready for you to download on your dashboard.
If you didn't use FileEvictions to draft your initial pleadings, you may generate the document using the form template available on the court's website.
Visit New Jersey's Judiciary Electronic Submission (JEDS) portal and Log in. (At this time, JEDS is not compatible with mobile devices or tablets. Access from a desktop or a laptop.)
Enter your User ID and Password, then click “Login.”
Once you're in your dashboard, click "Judiciary Electronic Document Submission".
Click "Create a Filing" and select "Superior Court."
Confirm your information.
Under Filing Details, you’ll have four sections. In the first box, select “Special Civil Part” for Court. In Docket Type, select "Suing for eviction of tenant." You'll then be required to select a Venue. This is the county in which the rental property is located. Last, select "General" for Filing Category.
Below, you'll specify what you are filing. Select "Certification of Lease and Registration Statement." There is no fee for this action.
Enter the Docket Number/Sequence Number assigned to your case. This number will appear on the notification the court emailed to you. Include the last two digits of the year the case was filed.
Click "Search" to locate your case. A list of cases will appear. Select yours from the list and click "Next" to move on to the following screen.
The court sends a copy of the document you are filing to the parties in the case. If you'd like to send a copy to a person not listed on the case, click "Add Recipient" or click "Next" to proceed.
It's now time to upload your documents. Access your device file manager and attach the listed documents in the corresponding section. If there is no written rental agreement and/or if you are exempt from registering the property, you may not need to attach these documents.
Read the requirements and check the box to confirm you have complied with them, then click "Next."
Take a moment to carefully review the information you have provided. If no changes need to be made, click “Submit.”
You're all set! Visit to initiate your next eviction, stay current on changes in eviction procedures, and learn about exciting new features in the pipeline. Never miss a beat with FileEvictions. Our document generator, managed process and intuitive dashboard will make tenant eviction effortless.

For any questions pertaining to your proceeding, contact the court or seek legal counsel.